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    Is there a difference between levothyroxine and Synthroid? If your Synthroid prescription is switched to a generic at the pharmacy, you may not realize it. That's because some generics come in the same shape and colors as Synthroid. The Food and Drug Administration has determined that certain levothyroxine products are interchangeable and can be substituted at the pharmacy.
    Can hypothyroidism be cured completely? All thyroid diseases can be treated, resulting in normal thyroid function. Radioactive iodine and surgery also can " cure " the hyperthyroidism by removing the thyroid. However, the thyroid stimulating antibodies often are unaffected by these treatments, so the underlying cause of Graves' disease persists.
    Can you have a thyroid problem even if your TSH is normal? While you may be told that TSH levels of 1 to 2 mU/L are "fine" if you have mild hypothyroidism, it is possible to still have symptoms, especially if your levels tend to fluctuate.
    The presidents political enemies could face prosecution, Attorney General William P. Barr said in an interview on Fox News. Backlight screen and faster performance are a couple of perks of this new e-reader. Kim Kardashian could have had a career as an esthetician in another life and she put her skills to work popping her sister Khloe's pimples in a bonus scene from Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
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