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    Do bone tumors show up on xrays? Most bone cancers show up on x-rays 6 of the bone. The radiologist (doctor who specializes in reading x-rays) can often tell if a tumor is malignant by the way it appears on the x-ray, but only a biopsy can tell for sure. A chest x-ray is often done to see if bone cancer has spread to the lungs.
    Can Zometa be used for osteoporosis? Zometa is also used to treat or prevent osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, and to increase bone mass in men with osteoporosis.
    What does cancer look like on a chest xray? A chest X - ray of someone with lung cancer may show a visible mass or nodule. This mass will look like a white spot on your lungs, while the lung itself will appear black. However, an X - ray may not be able to detect small or early-stage cancers.
    What is the prognosis for bone metastases? The most common primary cancer types with bone metastasis were prostate (34%), breast (22%) and lung (20%). One-year survival after bone metastasis diagnosis was lowest in patients with lung cancer (10%, 95% CI 9% to 11%) and highest in patients with breast cancer (51%, 50% to 53%).
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